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How Far Can Your Brand Stretch?

Julia Rancone


How to Medal in Social Media

JoEllen Davis

In preparation for the Olympic games in Rio, the IOC debuted a list of social media rules that have had brands both laughing and scrambling to participate in one of the year’s biggest social media phenomenons a “legal” way. The rules, which are exceedingly detailed, do not allow brands to: use the word Olympic, mention{...}

A pink doll's wheelchair on the floor of a child's playroom.

Everyone is welcome: the age of inclusion marketing

JoEllen M. Davis

It seemed for years that every brand had a cause, a non-profit, a purpose, or a bigger mission that was used in order to build trust and affiliation with its consumers. It worked to give what might have been a big, corporate entity a friendlier, “we’re really people” kind of feel but it seems to{...}

When do children recognize brands?

JoEllen M. Davis

My 10 month old daughter sits in her high chair, eagerly anticipating what finger food I will set out for her to sample this morning. On other days tried bits of apple, cheese, cucumber and watermelon sticks. She’s had puffs of various shapes and types, organic and otherwise, made of fruit and vegetable combinations unfamiliar{...}