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2017 Food Trends Report

Julia Rancone

We have a universal love of food here at ULTRA, with a somewhat obsessive attitude about being the first to know about a new food. We attend all of the big food shows and conferences, read blogs and magazines, shop the aisles and spend our commutes listening to food podcasts. It’s a passion point for{...}

A scoop of bright pink ice cream melts into candy sprinkles.

Ice Cream is Cooler Than Ever

Julia Rancone

It’s late summer, and there’s no better way to beat the heat than by reaching for a frozen treat. Despite healthy eating trends seemingly running the food show, Mintel reports indulgent frozen treats (namely ice cream), are doing well, save for frozen yogurt, sherbet, “other” ice cream (such as Italian ice), frozen custard, and ice{...}

Cuckoo for Coconuts

JoEllen M. Davis

In 2011, bottled coconut water showed up on store shelves and set the world ablaze with a coconut craze. Each year at food shows and in the grocery aisles, we are amazed with the new and innovative coconut products coming out. While on a recent store audit, it seems coconut moved from ‘trend’ status to{...}