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Kidulting: Still kids at heart

Julia Rancone

Stranger Things, a show set in 1980s America, has masterfully recreated the feeling and visuals of an era that is back in vogue. In an episode of Stranger Things Season 2, one of the main characters, Dustin, is wearing a purple Science Museum of Minnesota Brontosaurus sweatshirt. The Science Museum quickly took advantage of the{...}

Neutral Territory – the new kids and gender

JoEllen M. Davis

Two years ago as my husband and I prepared to become parents we made the decision not to find out the sex of our baby despite many opportunities to know. We went ahead with baby prep regardless of who might show up in our arms, taking a gender neutral view. We fashioned a room, buying{...}

When do children recognize brands?

JoEllen M. Davis

My 10 month old daughter sits in her high chair, eagerly anticipating what finger food I will set out for her to sample this morning. On other days tried bits of apple, cheese, cucumber and watermelon sticks. She’s had puffs of various shapes and types, organic and otherwise, made of fruit and vegetable combinations unfamiliar{...}