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All My Souvenirs are Food: When a Packaging Designer goes on Vacation

Laura Healy

A few weeks ago, my husband and I took off on a European adventure to London and Paris. We saw a lot of amazing things: The Rosetta Stone, the very spot where Anne Boleyn lost her head, and Diagon Alley, but somehow I only came home with a suitcase full of packaged food items. Why?{...}

Ty and Julia stand in front of Amazon Go's sign

Experiencing Amazon Go

JoEllen M. Davis

Last Monday, Ty Tonander (VP, Brand Design at ULTRA) and Julia Hunter Rancone (Director of Creative Strategy) happened to be in Seattle for a client meeting – the same day that Amazon Go opened its first cashier-less, App-controlled grocery store to the public. The pair had an opportunity to visit the store, and tell us{...}